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Air sickness

If you are susceptible to air sickness choose seats by the wing. In theory, these seats should give you the smoothest ride on the plane.

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Book your flights on normal days

Try not to book flights or hotels on School or Public Holidays as prices will be higher. If money is tight, try travelling in unpopular hours of the day, as seats are generally cheaper.

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In flight food

If your flight has no in-flight meal included, bring your own sandwiches (if allowed) instead of paying the high onboard prices for food and drink. Always take an empty water bottle through security and then use one of the water fountains to fill it up for free

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Search for best flights

Don’t pay the first price you find when booking your flights, make sure you shop around using flight search engines like Skyscanner or Cheapflights and travel companies for the best deal, but beware of any hidden charges.

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