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About us – coastshop

This website is brought to you by coastshop.  We have been offering travel information and advice for all parts of the world for over 15 years.  We started with travel information for Australia (, then travel information for New Zealand (, and now the world ! (

I hope you enjoy reading our website and at the same time, get some useful advice on how to travel safely wherever you go in this world.

Why did we choose ‘coastshop’ for our name…originally we provided travel information for all coastal areas of Australia and the ‘shop’ in our name means ‘shopping’ for the best travel information and travel deals.

Country guides note

The brief background information for each country is provided by the CIA website ( The information is an extract from “The World Factbook” which is in the public domain and may be used freely by anyone at anytime without seeking permission”. (source – CIA website)

For some countries, additional information and links include:

* Travel advice from Australia, UK and USA – safety alerts warning of possible dangers to a country’s visitors or travellers

* Airports – details of a country’s airports

* City guides – learn about a city’s attractions

* Places to stay – accommodation

* Things to do – popular activities

* Health information – details of a country’s health warnings and vaccinations

* Public holidays for a country

* Weather – next 2 weeks weather forecast